Christmas After A Loss: Ways To Honour Your Loved One

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Christmas After A Loss: Ways To Honour Your Loved One

After you have lost someone you love, the holidays can be especially difficult. Finding ways to include them in Christmas can help you celebrate while honouring their memory. There is no right way to do this; every family will have a different approach. Here are 5 ways that may work for you.

1. Hang a Stocking

Even though they are no longer physically here, hanging their stocking with the others is a visual reminder of the important place they had in your family. Instead of filling the stocking with gifts, family members could write down memories to fill the stocking. Reading the memories together can be a special time as a family.

2. Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Hanging a personalized Christmas ornament on your tree is a beautiful way to honour your loved one each Christmas. Placing the ornament on the tree can be a special moment as you remember and serves as a reminder throughout the holiday season. Ornaments can be personalized with your loved one’s name, dates, fingerprints, pictures, or even their actual handwriting or signature.

Snowflakes - Circle Personalized Christmas Ornament

3. Celebrate Their Favourite Christmas Traditions

Did they have a favourite Christmas song, movie, or dessert? Continuing with this tradition can help you feel close to them and remember the many good times you had together.

4. Light A Candle

Lighting a candle in their memory during gatherings is a beautiful way to include them in your celebrations. Oliver’s has many options for candles that can be engraved, and hold cremated remains, or candles that can be personalized with a photo and text.

5. Volunteer in their memory

Supporting a cause that would have mattered to your loved one can help their legacy live on. Whether it’s feeding the homeless, donating to a charity, or helping at an animal shelter, doing good in memory of your loved one can become a new family tradition.

Holidays are often difficult after a loss. It’s ok to cry when you miss them and laugh as you remember the good times and create new memories. Talk to your family about how they would like to honour your loved one’s life and how you can support each other through the holiday season.

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