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Advanced Funeral Planning

There are many great reasons to plan ahead for a funeral. We plan ahead for special events in life, to make sure they fit our personalities, wants and needs – think of weddings, vacations, retirements. Why not plan your funeral in advance? You can rest easy, knowing its personalized, planned and funded. At Oliver’s we know people don’t necessarily want to think about death. There are, however, many compelling reasons to be prepared.

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Why Pre-Plan Your Funeral?

Prepare for Life's Uncertainties:

Planning your funeral ahead of time will relieve your loved ones of many difficult tasks at an emotional and difficult time. Government documents will already be in place and many crucial decisions already made. It is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give your family.

Write Your Own Story:

Planning ahead will ensure your funeral is handled according to your wishes, saving your family from second-guessing what you would have wanted. It will perfectly reflect your tastes and personality and serve as a final farewell directly from you.

Take Financial Responsibility:

Relieve your family of the financial burden of planning your funeral. Your family won’t have to wonder whether they’ve spent the right amount on your funeral. Pre-planning also protects you and your family from inflation and other rising costs. Payment plans to suit your needs are available.

What You Can Plan In Advance...

  • Details to register your death with the province of Alberta
  • A decision on burial versus cremation
  • Funeral location (church, funeral home, lodge, golf course etc.)
  • Speakers and messages (minister, celebrant, eulogy, tributes etc.)
  • Theme or focus (religious, non-religious, Celebration of Life etc.)
  • Artistic touches (music, poems, slideshows, video tributes etc.)
  • Casket and Urn selection
  • Final resting place (cemetery, columbarium, scattering etc.)

Death Away From Home

What would you do if someone you loved died away from home? Even if they are only in the next city, it can get complicated and expensive very quickly. Transportation costs often total thousands of dollars. Journey Home Insurance covers you when you travel more than 100km away from home, anywhere in the world. With one phone call, everything is taken care of. A one-time fee of $595 provides full protection for life.

They can help with:

  • Identification of the body
  • Selecting and coordinating with unknown funeral homes
  • Arranging for preparation and transportation of the deceased to your local funeral home
  • They pay all transportation costs for the deceased including air travel
  • Assisting in travel arrangements for loved ones and pets

For years Journey Home has helped thousands of families bring their loved ones home. Call us to learn more, or to purchase Journey Home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Funeral Pre-Planning is a practical way of deciding and communicating your wishes for your own funeral or for a loved one. This can be done in the comfort of your own home or at one of our offices.

Funeral Pre-Planning is part of an overall sensible estate plan. Discussing funeral pre-planning with me or one of our Funeral Directors will give you the opportunity to ask questions. You will understand what services and product offerings are available and the related costs involved. By doing so in advance you can make unhurried decisions regarding the type of casket you wish to have, your preferences for the funeral service, and indicate your choice for burial, entombment or cremation. With this knowledge you can make educated, informed and unhurried decisions.

Yes. It’s not required, however we do recommend it as only pre-paid funerals are inflation-protected. All fees paid in advance will be placed into a trust or annuity registered in your name until after your death and the services have been rendered by Oliver’s. If for some reason it is required, at your request all fees can be withdrawn along with interest and returned to you. Alternatively, we can transfer the plan to another funeral home.

Everyone should consider pre-planning, regardless of their age. Nothing is ever guaranteed, life most of all. The type of people who pre-plan will vary, from the retired couple to the young married couple, to the single person with no family connections, to someone responsible for the care of another.

You can contact us to set up an appointment either in the comfort of your own home or at one of our office locations. We will discuss funeral type, burial, cremation, columbarium, music, speakers, tributes, flowers – everything necessary to create a funeral that reflects you and will comfort your family.

Request Advanced Funeral Planning Information

There are many options and ideas available when funeral planning with Oliver’s Funeral Home. Please get in touch – we’d be happy to meet you in the comfort of your own home or at our offices. Even if you’re just interested in more information, that’s no problem. We will help you explore the benefits of funeral pre-planning with no obligation whatsoever. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss pre-planning further.

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