What Happens If You Die Away From Home?

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What Happens If You Die Away From Home?

What would you or your family do if someone you loved died away from home? If you die in a different country, there may be complicated paperwork that needs to be filled out, sometimes the body needs to be identified, as well as other issues that can arise. Transportation costs can often total thousands of dollars. Even if you are only in the next city, it can get complicated and expensive very quickly.

TruStage’s Journey Home Insurance covers you when you travel more than 100km away from home, anywhere in the world. With one phone call to the funeral home, everything is taken care of. A one-time fee of $595 provides full protection for life.

Journey Home can help with:

  • Identification of the body
  • Selecting and coordinating with unknown funeral homes
  • Arranging for preparation and transportation of the deceased to your local funeral home
  • They pay all transportation costs for the deceased including air travel
  • Assisting in travel arrangements for loved ones and pets

If you are someone who travels regularly, even just to Edmonton, Journey Home can give you peace of mind, knowing that your body would be returned to your home without undue stress on those you love.

For years Journey Home has helped thousands of families bring their loved ones home. If you would like to learn more about Journey Home Insurance, give us a call. 780.532.2929

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