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Monuments and Headstones

Oliver’s Funeral Home is proud to be an official representative of Peace Country Memorials based out of Rycroft, Alberta. Since 1958, Peace Country Memorials has carved fine granite monuments for the families of the Peace Country. They put heart and a caring touch into every memorial stone they carve.

A memorial headstone should be more than just a means to mark the final resting place. Not merely a headstone or grave marker, it is a symbol of devotion. It serves as an enduring reminder of a lifetime and is a timeless expression of love. Our mutual goal is to provide your family with a memorial that you can take pride in for generations to come. Rest assured that we will assist you through each step of the process.

Additional Monument Services

As long as it is permissible by your cemetery, we would be pleased to install your monument for you. While many memorial companies install concrete foundations, we install a solid granite foundation for greater stability and long-term support. Because the foundation must be dug into the ground, installation of the headstone can only take place when the ground is dry and frost-free. Installations will typically be done between May and October.

Many years of being outside can sometimes cause a degree of “weathering” to a memorial. Infrequently, monument stones may be in need of repair due to natural disasters or vandalism. Please contact us to discuss your concern, and we will do our best to assist you in restoring the granite. Please note: the structural integrity of granite should not be affected by normal weather and is covered under our everlasting guarantee.

Due to settling of the ground or shifting, a monument may end up shifting over time. We reduce the chance of this happening by using a granite foundation. However, if shifting occurs, and the headstone is sinking or unlevel, our installers can correct the problem.

A family can purchase a monument with space reserved to include names of other family members at a later date. When the need arises, we can remove the stone to add sandblasting or laser etching before returning it to the cemetery.

Just like a funeral service, you can pre-plan your monument. There are many benefits to pre-planning your monument.

  • Peace of Mind: In choosing your own monument, you are ensuring that your loved ones don’t have to make that difficult decision and guess what you would have wanted while they are grieving. Your monument will be personal to you and reflect your own individuality and style.
  • Cost: Planning and paying for your monument now means that your family won’t have to worry about it later. Although it may not be needed for many years, your monument is guaranteed at today’s prices and won’t be affected by inflation and cost increases.
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