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When To Seek Grief Help

When we lose someone dear to us, we experience grief. Grieving is a very lonely process that can isolate us in our pain, anger, and denial. If you are stuck in these intense emotions for a long time, you can lose your way back to wholeness. A grief counselor can help you navigate your way through these intense emotions. Other times, the pain is so intense we avoid or deny feeling our grief. It feels like we are going to drown or not survive so we shut off feeling anything. This can lead to depression or anxiety in other parts of our lives. We all yearn to feel complete and whole again. Seeking a grief counselor can help us find a new direction in our life.

Grief Counselling
Kimberly Talmey at Oliver's Funeral Home

Meet Kimberly Talmey

Kimberly is Oliver’s in-house grief counselor. She grew up in rural Northern Alberta and understands the unique challenges we face in this part of the world. Kimberly has walked the road of grief and can understand your circumstances. Whatever the scenario, there is hope. She has seen it.
Kimberly has overcome so many things to get where she is now, and she can help you do so too. Visit Kimberly’s website for more information.

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Printable Grief Resources

Suicide Loss – RCSP

Community Resources

Burden Bearers

Burden Bearers Counselling Centre

Provides professional counselling to those in need at an affordable rate.

Resource Center for suicide prevention

Resource Centre for Suicide Prevention

Works to reduce suicide, suicidal behaviour, and their effects, by promoting positive alternatives and healthy coping skills.

Tiny Hands of Hope

Tiny Hands of Hope

Works to help families who have suffered from all types of infant loss.

Grande Prairie Alliance Church Banner

Grande Prairie Alliance Church GriefShare

We alternate with the Grande Prairie Alliance Church to offer the GriefShare program, ensuring that you always have access to the programs you need.

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