Why Would You Pre-Plan Your Funeral?

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Why Would You Pre-Plan Your Funeral?

No one likes to talk about death. It feels uncomfortable, but it is an important conversation to have. A pre-planned funeral is part of estate planning and relieves some burden for the people you leave behind. We plan for the special events in life to make sure they fit our personalities, wants, and needs – think of weddings, vacations, and retirements. Funerals are a significant event and there are many compelling reasons to be prepared.

  1. Guaranteed Price

    Inflation seems to always make things more expensive. When you prepay for your funeral, the price you pay today is guaranteed*, even if costs have gone up by the time of passing.

  2. Substantial Savings

    It is difficult to make decisions when you are grieving. Your family may end up spending more than they intended. By prearranging your funeral, you decide now what type of arrangements you want and how much you want to spend…at a time when decisions will be made calmly and intelligently. Consequently, your family will avoid emotional overspending at one of the worst times in their lives.

  3. Security

    Alberta law requires 100% of your money to be deposited with a registered third-party insurance in a trust, keeping your money safe and secure.

  4. Convenience

    You can make Advance Planning arrangements in our funeral home or in the comfort, privacy, and security of your own home. Flexible financing options are available.

  5. No Health or Age Restrictions

    You can participate in Oliver’s Advance Planning Program regardless of your age or health status.

  6. Transferability

    In the event you move from the Greater Grande Prairie area, your pre-planned funeral is transferable to any funeral home of your choice.**

  7. Modification

    You can modify your Advance Planning contract at any time.

  8. Understanding Advance Planning Directors

    Our Advance Planning Directors are dedicated exclusively to serving the needs of our pre-need families. We will explain your options and benefits in a relaxed and stress-free environment.

  9. Eliminate Doubts

    Spare your family the emotional stress of making decisions during a difficult time. Advance Planning arrangements with Oliver’s Funeral Home records your exact wishes. It is like a final gift for those you love.

  10. Peace of Mind

    Responsible estate planning requires many considerations. Your will distributes your estate according to your instructions. A pre-need contract offers your family peace of mind and inflation protection. By pre-arranging your funeral with our firm, you’ll be secure in knowing that you have spared your loved ones added stress, worry, anxiety, and expense at a time when their needs are most important.

If you have questions please give us a call. We will help you explore the benefits of funeral pre-planning with no obligation whatsoever.

Call us today 780.532.2929. An experienced Advance Planning Director is ready to assist you.

*Cash disbursements are not guaranteed and a difference may be owed at the time of passing.

**An admin fee may be charged for transferring the preneed.

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