What Families Say About Oliver's

Beatrice Stevens

Their place is so peaceful, and the lunch was very, very good and nice. They treat you very well.

Kelly Seabrook

Tina Wolfe and Gene Krause were friendly and caring. All of the staff were great and we were always treated well. Keep up the good service.

Pam Koyman

Everyone was very helpful and answered all of our questions.

Ted Loos

Staff was good to talk too. Funeral Home was conveniently located and local. They were efficient and open minded. All was taken care of very well, and we were very well treated.

Fran Biegel

Everything was well done and we felt listened to and well advised when we had questions. They tried to anticipate our needs but didn’t pressure us in any way.

Marie Ljuden

Very satisfied with the service. Crag looked after everything well.

Hans Nagel

Great service and accommodation. Keep up the good service to all.

Allan Cartwright

A wonderful lady helped me settle my mother’s affairs over the phone. She was very attentive and professional. Her service to me was invaluable.

Lauralee Van der Kaa

I felt comfortable and like I was with family. I knew my mom wold be well taken care of with love and respect. I knew Chris Clements from church and felt very comfortable discussing the hard topics with him. I feel like he went above and beyond making sure everything went smoothly- not just at the service, but afterwards, dealing with a different town’s cemetery for the interment. Tina Wolfe was also very kind and reassured me when heling me with government forms.

Lorraine Sallis

We have used Oliver’s since the 40’s. Excellent service.

Linda Lunn

Oliver’s is a professional business, very accommodating, and paid close attention to the families needs and made excellent suggestions.

Tracy Pagacz

All your Staff were helpful with any questions we had and made us feel that we were the me most important priority whenever we dealt with you. Thank you all so much for your kindness, professionalism, and compassion. We are a large family and you made my mother and all of us feel cared for! The way you respected and treated my father’s body was most appreciated.

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