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Rod Masterson working at Oliver's Funeral Home, Grande Prairie, Alberta

Celebrant Rod Masterson

Funeral Celebrant

Rod was born in Sexsmith and has lived there three different times in his life, most recently since 2014. He is proud to call the Peace Country home and hopes to spend the balance of his life here. In particular he enjoys many friends and keeps adding to his acquaintances as he meets with families at the time of the passing of their loved one. He is a retired pastor, missionary, and Bible college faculty member and president. On a regular basis he speaks in various churches in the area as needed. Rod and his wife Jeri have two sons eight grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. One son, Mike and his wife Sandy live in Sexsmith and their older son Rick and his wife Lindsay live near Elmworth.

He counts it an honor to serve grieving families and guiding them as they celebrate the life of the one they have lost.

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