Who Can You Turn To When You Are Grieving?

Grief evens and help in Grande Prairie, Alberta

Who Can You Turn To When You Are Grieving?

When we lose someone, we experience grief. Sometimes, grief progresses in a healthy, normal way. Other times it can be a very lonely process that isolates us in our pain, anger, and denial. If you are stuck in these intense emotions for a long time, you may need help navigating your grief.

A grief counselor can help you through this difficult time, but sometimes you aren’t ready for one-on-one sessions. In that case, a grief group, seminar, or other grief-related event can help. These group events can give you tools to help you through this difficult time while connecting you to others in a similar phase of life. There are many amazing grief groups in Grande Prairie.

Our Community Grief Events Calendar lists upcoming grief events from a variety of organizations in Grande Prairie. Whether you know you need help, are wondering if what you are experiencing is normal, or are just looking for an opportunity to connect, our calendar is a simple way to find a group that is right for you.

To view the calendar as well as other community grief resources, visit https://www.oliversfuneralhome.com/our-services/grief-help/

If you are an organization hosting a grief event, please add it to our calendar here: https://www.oliversfuneralhome.com/community-grief-calendar-submissions/

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