What Kind Of Funeral Flowers Should You Send?

Pink funeral flowers in a casket grande prairie

What Kind Of Funeral Flowers Should You Send?

Sending flowers is a beautiful way to express your condolences. But how do you know which flowers to send?

There are Three Types of Funeral Flower Arrangements:

1. Vase and Basket Funeral Arrangements: These are the most common type of arrangements to send to a family. There is a large variety available. Vase arrangements are more common, but basket arrangements can provide a nice alternative. Potted plants are another option that make for a beautiful, long-lasting tribute to their loved one’s life. See More:

 pink funeral flowers in a vase grande prairie

2. Standing and Wreath Funeral Sprays: A more elaborate type of arrangement, they are typically displayed on a stand and come in a variety of shapes. See More:
Yellow standing funeral wreath grande prairie

3. Casket and Urn Sprays: These arrangements are designed to go directly on or around the casket or urn and are typically provided by the immediate family. See More:
red and white casket spray Grande prairie funeral flowers

What kind of flowers should you include in a funeral arrangement?

When choosing the types of flowers to include, think about what flowers or colours the deceased liked. Different flowers also have different meanings. You can choose flowers that express the message you would like to convey.

  • Hyacinth: A purple hyacinth symbolizes sorrow
  • Forget-Me-Not: Lets the family know that you will continue to remember their loved one.
  • Rose: every colour or rose has a different meaning.
    • White: purity and innocence
    • Peach: sincerity and gratitude
    • Pink: Gratitude
    • Yellow: Friendship and support
    • Red: love and deep affection
    • Purple: adoration
  • Lily: A symbol of renewal, rebirth, and the restoring of a person’s soul. This flower can be offered as a symbol of hope to the family. White lilies also represent purity, while stargazer lilies are a symbol of sympathy.
  • Carnations: Like the rose, different colours of carnations have different meanings.
    • Red: admiration
    • Pink: remembrance
    • White: purity and innocence

If you are unsure of what kind of flower arrangement to send, choose one that you feel looks nice and reflects the person who has passed on.

When not to send funeral flowers

If a family has asked that memorial donations or other gestures of support be made in lieu of flowers, then it is best to respect the family’s wishes. If you would like to send a more direct message to the family, a sympathy card or comfort meal can also be a meaningful alternative.

If you would like help choosing a floral arrangement, one of our experienced staff members would be happy to help you. Call 780.532.2929 or visit https://www.oliversfuneralhome.com/products/flowers/

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