Ways to show your support after a loss

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Ways to show your support after a loss

Attending a funeral to show your support and grieve with a family is a longstanding tradition. Unfortunately, current Covid-19 restrictions have made this impossible in most situations. One of the most caring things you can do to support a family member or friend in their grief is to keep in touch with them and acknowledge their loss. By offering condolences, or any expression of comfort and support, you comfort those who are grieving and let them know they are not alone.

There are many safe ways to offer condolences to a family and share your support.

Sympathy cards are a simple yet personal way to offer condolences to a family. Cards may be purchased through Oliver’s website, and we can handwrite any message you would like. We will ensure the card is safely delivered to the family.

Social Media can be an appropriate way to send a condolence if done in the right way. If you’re sending a message through Facebook, do it as a private message and only if the immediate family has already posted something about the death. An easier way may be through the funeral home’s website. On Oliver’s site, condolences may be left on the obituary page of the deceased.

Sending flowers, a fruit basket, or a gift basket is a thoughtful way to let someone know you’re thinking of them. Gift baskets may be especially welcomed if there are children who are grieving the loss of a parent or sibling. Oliver’s website offers a large variety of floral arrangements as well as free delivery to the funeral home. If flowers are ordered prior to the service, we can ensure they are displayed there and given to the family afterward.

Home-cooked meals are a popular form of condolence. However, making and delivering a meal in person may not be the safest option right now. Oliver’s website offers meal delivery from an inspected kitchen with different meal options and quantities. We will contact the family and confirm with them the best day to have the meals delivered.

Memorial Funds are a way to honour and celebrate someone’s memory by carrying on their spirit through charitable giving. You can either donate through the foundation’s website or possibly through the funeral home. Oliver’s will forward any donation that is dropped off at our office.

It is never too late to offer support and condolences. You may think that they have moved on, or a reminder would be too painful, but their loss is always with them. Your thoughts and support will be appreciated at any stage. A condolence sent on the anniversary of a loved one’s passing can be especially meaningful. Just knowing that someone else is thinking of them and their loved one on that day can be a comfort. They will appreciate that you are acknowledging their grief and honoring their loss, regardless of when the condolence is given.

Knowing what to say when sending a condolence can be challenging. Part 2 provides guidance on things to say and remember when reaching out to someone who has experienced loss.

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