Unexpected Ways Your Funeral Home Can Support You

Tracy, Chris, and Craig, the management of Oliver's Funeral Home, stand in front of caskets and urns in Oliver's Funeral Home's on-site show room

Unexpected Ways Your Funeral Home Can Support You

Losing someone you love causes a barrage of emotions and grief. When you are the executor or next-of-kin in charge, you are also faced with an overwhelming to-do list. A funeral home must be chosen, arrangements made for the deceased, a funeral planned, and a long list of other legal details must be taken care of.

The right funeral home can ease your burden during this difficult time. It is expected that a funeral home will take care of the basics for you: transfer of the deceased, bringing the casket to the service, doing the cremation, and assisting with the interment. At Oliver’s, we go beyond the basics to assist families in as many ways as possible.

Planning a funeral is no small task. A hall or church must be booked, a minister or master of ceremonies contacted, and musicians, caterers, and florists arranged for. All this can be done by one of our funeral directors, saving you hours of phone calls and online research. In addition, each of these people must be paid. Rather than you contacting them each individually to arrange for payment, Oliver’s will do that for you. You can then make one payment for all the expenses, and Oliver’s will disperse the funds for you to the appropriate people.

Many people like to have a video tribute at the service. It is a beautiful way to reflect on and celebrate your loved one’s life. But putting together a video tribute takes time and technical skills. If you bring your photos into Oliver’s, we will put together a Video Tribute for you, saving you time and energy that can be better spent connecting with family and friends.

Unfortunately, the to-do list does not end after the funeral. There are benefits to be applied for, cards and IDs to be canceled, land titles to be transferred, and a headstone or monument to be ordered. Our AfterCare director can help with all of this, and either direct you to the appropriate agencies or contact them on your behalf.

Losing a loved one will always be devastating. Let us help ease your burden during that difficult time. Call 780-532-2929

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