How do you take care of all the paperwork after a death?

AfterCare help with paperwork after a death

How do you take care of all the paperwork after a death?

For most of us, there will never be a day quite like the one following the funeral of a loved one. Energy spent in preparing for the funeral gives way to profound weariness. With fewer distractions, the reality of loss seeps into places we may not have even known existed. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could think clearly or even care about the many things that need to be taken care of following a loved one’s funeral.

Bank account updates, land titles, credit card notifications, cancellation of Alberta Health Care, timely insurance claims, and Canada Pension Plan Benefits are among the most pressing matters facing a survivor and may impact your financial well-being. It is hard to know where to even start.

Things To Take Care Of After A Death

  • SIN Card
  • Canada Pension
  • Old Age Security
  • Alberta Seniors Benefit
  • Alberta Healthcare
  • Alberta Blue Cross Seniors Benefit
  • GST
  • PAL
  • Passport
  • Vital Statistics
  • Canada Pension Plan Death Benefit
  • Canada Pension {Plan Survivors Benefit
  • Land Titles
  • And More

Oliver’s Funeral Home provides valuable, hands-on assistance with many of the tasks facing an executor after a death. We can contact many places on your behalf and provide helpful advice and point you in the right direction with the others.

If you would like to learn more about how we can support your family through a difficult time, please give us a call. 780.532.2929

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