How Do You Comfort A Pet Who Has Lost Their Human?

Sad Dog Looking Out Window Waiting For Owner

How Do You Comfort A Pet Who Has Lost Their Human?

Pets are a part of the family. They are intimately involved in our lives and they definitely notice when we are not around. Just like humans, pets experience grief when someone they love passes away. However, pets can have a hard time understanding what has happened and why they no longer see their person anymore. So how do you help your pet understand what has happened and comfort them in their grief?

It is helpful for pets to see the deceased person. Although this may seem strange, seeing the deceased helps your pet understand what happened and gives them an opportunity to say goodbye. Just like for us humans, seeing their loved one can provide some closure for pets and help them in their grief process. If your loved one is at Oliver’s Funeral Home, and you would like to bring your pet in to say goodbye, let your funeral director know and they will make arrangements for that to happen.

Keep routines at home as consistent as possible. The family dynamic has shifted dramatically. It will take time for humans and pets alike to adjust to this new normal. Keeping up with routines helps provide a sense of structure and safety while everyone adjusts.

Spend time with your pet. The two of you have both experienced a loss. Spending time together can provide comfort to both of you and strengthen your connection as you adjust to life without your loved one. If you are not able to give your pet as much attention as they need at this time, ask a trusted friend if they would be willing to spend time with them as well.

Grief takes time. This is true for pets just as much as it is for humans. Supporting your pet as they process their grief can comfort their heart as well as your own.

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