Finding Closure When Someone Has Been Cremated

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Finding Closure When Someone Has Been Cremated

Finding closure when we have lost a loved one can be difficult. Many cultures have intricate rituals when someone passes. These rituals give the grievers a chance to say goodbye, honour their loved one’s life, and provide a sense of closure. All these things are important elements of a healthy grieving process. Without them, the reality of what has happened can be much slower to sink in and the grieving process is delayed. Western culture has the ritual of the funeral service with a viewing, followed by a graveside burial. However, with cremation gaining popularity in recent years, many people miss out on these rituals and the closure they can bring. How do you say goodbye when your loved one is cremated?


Having the opportunity to see your loved one after they have passed away can be very important, especially if the death was unexpected. Even if you did see your loved one right after they passed away, that experience is sometimes challenging when the circumstances are not the best. Viewing at a funeral home can provide a much more peaceful experience and the time and space to say your goodbyes. Although viewings are much more common with burials, they can also be done before a cremation. The viewing can either be a private family viewing, or your loved one can be present at the funeral service, with cremation taking place afterward.


A chance to gather together and grieve, share stories, and laugh is an important part of honouring your loved one’s life and saying goodbye. You can have a formal service or an informal gathering of family and friends. Whichever you choose, gathering together and remembering helps give all who knew your loved one a sense of closure.

Witness Cremations

Witness Cremation Viewing Room

Just as watching your loved one’s casket be lowered into the ground can help bring a sense of closure, witnessing the cremation can do the same. We have a comfortable viewing room with a window to allow you to watch as the casket is placed in the crematorium.


Different Kinds of Monuments available in Grande Prairie Alberta and Olivers Funeral Home

Having a place to go to remember your loved one after the funeral can be very important. With a burial, the gravesite fills this need. However, there are also ways that this can be done with cremation. Urns can be buried in a cemetery or placed in a columbarium. In both cases, a monument or plaque can be placed in remembrance on that spot. If the ashes were scattered, a monument may be placed at the scattering site or other important location where loved ones can go to remember.

Every family has different needs and ways that they would like to honour their loved one’s life and how they would like to say their goodbyes. Talk to your funeral director about what options may be available and how your family can begin to find some closure and healing during this difficult time.

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