Etiquette when Driving in or around a Funeral Procession

Funeral procession etiquette and rules in alberta

Etiquette when Driving in or around a Funeral Procession

Who has the right of way in a funeral procession and how do you recognize one? Most people are not intentionally disrespectful of a funeral procession. Many people just aren’t sure what to do.

In Alberta, only the first car in a funeral procession, also known as the lead car, is required to obey traffic stops. For example, if the lead car approaches an intersection with a red light or a stop sign, the car must stop. However, once the lead car enters the intersection on a green light or proceeds through the stop sign, the procession may follow without stopping, even if the light should turn red. All other traffic is required to stop and give the right-of-way to the funeral procession.

It can be difficult for regular traffic to recognize a funeral procession; however, there are some ways for the procession to aid the public. All vehicles in the funeral procession should put on their four-way flashers and their headlights must be on. The lead car will drive slowly, which will allow each vehicle to closely follow the one ahead of them. This will make the procession a tight yet consistent line through traffic, including intersections. Funeral homes often have flags that can be put on the vehicles within the procession to help regular traffic identify them.

The right-of-way is given to the funeral procession and regular traffic should not attempt to pass.  Regular traffic is required to stop and wait for the procession to fully pass before resuming.  However, each vehicle within the procession should drive with extreme caution and not assume that others will know the legal requirements of yielding to a funeral procession.

If you are going to be a part of a funeral procession, the funeral director will give you instructions on what to do and where to go. When you see a funeral procession in public, please be respectful and yield the right of way.

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