Different Kinds of Monuments and Headstones

Different Kinds of Monuments available in Grande Prairie Alberta and Olivers Funeral Home

Different Kinds of Monuments and Headstones

A monument or headstone provides a place for loved ones to go and remember and memorializes that person for generations to come. There are many different kinds of monuments that can be manufactured based on your family’s wants and needs.

Granite Monuments

Granite is the most commonly used stone for creating memorial monuments. It is impervious to cold, heat, staining, and weathering so it retains its original beauty and withstands the test of time. Granite can be sculpted or carved into various shapes and is very versatile.

Flat Marker

These stones are up to 3” thick and are set flat and even with the ground or placed on a granite foundation.

Flat Monument Profile

Flat Marker

Pillow Marker

Pillow markers are set flat and may be placed on a foundation with or without a base. Pillow markers are sloped from 6″- 8” high at the back tapering to 3″- 5” in the front. Some pillows can be ordered in unique shapes, such as the shape of an open book.

Pillow Headstone profile

Pillow headstone book shaped monument

Upright Monument

The upright monument is set vertically on a granite base. Upright monuments are 4″ or 6″ at the top and have a uniform thickness to the base.

Upright Monument profile

Upright Headstone Monument

Hickey Monument

A Hickey Upright is 3” thick at the top and increases to either 6” or 8″ thick at the base.

Hickey monument profile

Hickey Monument Headstone

Special Order Monuments

Monuments can be ordered in many different unique and beautiful shapes. Our experienced staff will walk you through the process of designing the monument that is right for you and your family.

Custom Monument headstone shapes grande prairie alberta

Bronze Markers

Bronze is called the “eternal metal”. It is commonly used for flat markers, community signage, and also as ornamentation with granite. There are a variety of different styles, emblems, and colours to choose from.

Bronze Flat Marker

Cremation Monuments

Even when someone has been cremated, a monument can be a place to come and remember those we have lost. It also serves as a permanent, historical marker of your loved one’s life. You can choose a granite monument, bronze, or personalize a columbarium. A Columbarium is a tall granite structure with multiple niches. Each niche can hold up to two urns. The front of each niche can be customized* with your loved one’s name and dates, becoming a permanent memorial for the family to visit.

Cremation Monument

Monuments can be personalized in a variety of ways to suit your family. They can be engraved with the image of your choice or a porcelain photo can be added. Different monument colours and shapes, as well as various styles of lettering are available. To learn more about what options are available visit https://www.oliversfuneralhome.com/our-services/monuments/

When choosing a monument, keep in mind that each cemetery has specific rules and regulations pertaining to the size, shape and design. You should be well aware of these restrictions prior to ordering your monument.

*Within the funeral home or cemetery regulations pertaining to that columbarium.

If you have questions, please give us a call. We would be pleased to have a conversation with you and there’s absolutely no obligation. If you prefer, please send us an e-mail or even drop by and speak to us face-to-face.

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