A Different Kind Of Funeral

Unique Funeral Service Options at Oliver's Funeral Home Grande Prairie Alberta

A Different Kind Of Funeral

Planning A Unique and Personalized Funeral Service

Funerals are changing. Every funeral used to have relatively the same format, but funerals today have a lot more customization and personalization options. There aren’t rules on how you celebrate a life. Whether you want a more traditional sit-down funeral service or a more relaxed gathering of friends and family, we can help you customize the celebration to truly reflect you and the life you lived.

Your funeral is a celebration of you and should reflect your personality. Do you love butterflies? We can arrange for a butterfly release at the service. Do you love Tim Horton’s? Let’s serve it to everybody at the luncheon. Love a good party? Let’s hire a live band or a DJ! Love crafts? Let’s set up a craft station! We can have a cotton candy machine or a popcorn maker there! Love golf? Let’s set up a putting green. Are board games your thing? You can have games at every table for people to play. Whatever your passions were in life, let’s include them in the service or gathering.

It is so meaningful when families include a special touch that truly honours their loved one’s life. We have had families bring a casket to the graveside in a horse-drawn wagon, use a women’s shoe collection as centerpieces for the tables, give away the deceased’s favourite candy to everyone, and serve their loved one’s favourite food.
In addition to personal touches, there are different formats the service can have. You can plan a more traditional sit-down service with speakers and special music numbers. If that’s not your style, a funeral can also be a relaxed gathering where people mingle, visit, eat, or participate in planned activities.

In the same way that weddings now have more individual flair, funerals can be catered to individual preferences and tastes. Funeral directors are event planners and can be a valuable resource in planning the final event in your life. Call us today to start the process of planning a celebration of life that is as unique as you are.


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