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Tracy McFee – General Manager

Oliver’s believes in the importance of personalizing a service to beautifully reflect the life and personality of your loved one. Please scroll through to see some of the services and specialty items we provide to help honour your family member. A personalized funeral service touches friends and families and celebrates a life well-lived. To learn more about putting together a unique, personalized service, please get in touch with us. We would be pleased to help you plan a meaningful life celebration. 

We work with you to create a service that truly reflects your loved one’s special qualities.


That is our promise to you.

Photos and Albums

Images of your loved one provide a powerful way to bring memories to life. There are many opportunities to display photos at a funeral service. The built-in projector in our chapel can display a photo or DVD tribute of your loved one’s life. Our mobile unit for services held in churches or halls is also equipped for this. You might like to include favourite photographs in the program or on keepsake mementos. Photo albums can be arranged for people to look through and reminisce together. We also have framed collage boards available for your use.


There are many creative ways to incorporate artwork into a service. Any piece of art, whether a creation by the loved one you are celebrating or in tribute of their life and love, can be a beautiful addition to a service. Sculptures or artwork displayed throughout the funeral home or a slideshow of art images can help people learn more about a life that was cherished. We have a variety of easels for this. Please be in touch and we’ll work together to arrange your artwork to the best advantage.


Music is an evocative, emotional art. Live or pre-recorded music enhances a service in a moving, personal way. Some ways to use music in the service include:
   •     Putting together a selection of your loved one’s favourite recorded music
   •     Hiring musicians to play live music
   •     Playing music written by your departed love one
   •     Encouraging musical friends and family members to perform

Our Concierge and Media Services staff will be pleased to download selected music from iTunes and create a playlist to be used during the visitation, funeral, graveside and/or luncheon. Our Chapel has a modern, state-of-the-art sound system. Our facilities are also designed to accommodate musicians and their instruments, including a well-tuned grand piano in our chapel for your convenience

Readings of sacred scriptures, poetry and literature

Passages from your loved one’s favourite scriptures, books or poems that capture the essence of their life help create a service infused with wisdom and words to remember. You can also invite friends and family members to read passages or poems of their choice or write their own pieces to share.

Religion, Faith, Spirituality

Religion provides structure and guidance for grieving survivors. From protocols for cleaning and dressing your loved one to features of the funeral service to guidelines for memorial events, there are often specific religious frameworks for putting a loved one to their final rest.  We have absolute respect for these and are ready to work with you to make sure everything takes place as necessary. Use passages from your loved one’s favourite scriptures, liturgical practices, music or hymns.

Special Clothing

Coordinating clothing is a moving visual tribute that also creates a sense of togetherness. You can make a clothing request in the obituary: 'Please wear John Deere green in honour of Grandpa's beloved tractors' or 'Let's all wear something purple - Mom's favourite colour.' Perhaps everyone might put on hockey jerseys in honour of a dedicated sports fan. Recently one our families told us their dad disliked wearing suits. The obituary read: 'In honour of Fred we ask you to leave your suits in the closet and wear something more comfortable to the funeral.'

Customized Memorial Cards

The Memorial Card handed to friends and family as they enter the service provides an easy opportunity to personalize the experience. Use the Memorial Card to display words of wisdom, photographs and/or special memories and stories of the deceased. At Oliver’s we design and print all of the memorial cards and other related stationary. Please be in touch - we’d be happy to help you fulfill all your printing requirements creatively and competently.


Serving the dishes your loved one often cooked - or enjoyed eating - is a wonderful way to share a bit more about them with friends and family. You can serve their favourite lasagne or prize-winning homemade fudge cookies after the service. Handing out a treat during the service is also an option. Not feeling like the traditional sandwiches and squares? Why not have an elegant wine and cheese? Serve their favourite wine or plan a special toast in their honour. Contact LoAnn in Oliver’s Tea Room and Catering Services to learn more about the endless options to incorporate special food items into the service.

Fondest Memory Cards

A classic way to remember your loved one is to ask friends and families to share memories. Attendees can write them down in a collective book or on notecards to be collected. Each writer could also read their memories aloud as a part of the service. We at Oliver’s will assist with creating and printing a one-of-kind personalized card and ensure all of the family and guests receive one.

Balloons, Doves or Butterflies

An enchanting addition to a service is the release of balloons, doves or butterflies. Balloons can be released with personal information imprinted on them or with something personal attached to them. We at Oliver’s have contacts with various local businesses that are available to help provide these services.


Bagpipe music has roots in traditional Irish and Scottish funerals but has gradually become a tradition for firefighters and police officers as well. These days, bagpipes are commonly integrated into a service, playing tunes such as ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘Danny Boy,’ adding a solemn, moving touch loved by many.

Motorcycle Motorcade

Motorcycle enthusiasts can receive a send-off that celebrates their passion for the open road. At Oliver’s we have connections with various clubs in the greater Grande Prairie area and are prepared to assist with arranging a motorcade (weather permitting, of course.) Another option is simply to have your loved one’s motorbike displayed during the service in either our chapel or at the hall.

Honoring service to our Nation (Veterans)

Honour your loved one’s commitment to their country. A memory table can help tell this part of their story. Display key items from your loved one’s time of service to help personalize their celebration of life. A memory table makes a great place for guests to gather around and reminiscence. There are many special ways to memorialize a veteran. Display your loved one’s medals, set out pictures of them in uniform, have the Legion participate in the service, have a bag piper play Amazing Grace or the ‘Last Post’ performed by a bugler.

Flower Seeds

Have a grandchild or other family member hand out envelopes with flowers seeds ready to be planted. Each time you see the flowers in bloom, you’ll be reminded of your loved one. Recently we assisted a family in handing out their late Dad’s award-winning tomato seeds to all of the guests in attendance. It was really special - everyone smiled, knowing that his tomatoes were a big part of who he was.

Display of Personal Items

A display of your loved one’s most cherished possessions is a nice way to show the breadth and depth of the life they lived. These possessions can be whatever you choose, such as mementos from a creative hobby or sporting pastime, items from a special collection or anything else that helps tell the story of the one being celebrated.

Meaningful Floral Arrangements

Choose your loved one’s favourite flowers or select flowers with a special meaning. For example, Dahlias signify elegance and dignity while Calla Lilies represent magnificence and beauty. Every flower has a special significance. Another option is to have the floral arrangements designed to incorporate your loved one’s interest or hobbies. Recently one of our families arranged and displayed peonies from their mother’s garden during the celebration of her life, then gave each guest a peony to take home in their mother’s memory. It was truly a beautiful tribute. We’d be happy to help you find a special way to use flowers to commemorate your loved one.

Customized Casket Corners, and Urns

Casket corners and customized urns can be easily customized to be decorated with a symbol that is meaningful to the deceased and their loved ones.

Erect a Headstone

Creating a monument that commemorates a person’s life in a place they loved is a touching way to keep their memory alive. Many people choose to erect a monument to their lost loved one. We would be pleased to help you choose a headstone that will serve as a memorial for the years to come.


Personalized engravings on special items such as golf balls, golf tees, decks of cards or stones are a beautiful way to remember and honour your loved one. One of our Funeral Directors here at Oliver’s Funeral Home would be pleased to assist you in arranging any such request.

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