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There are many good reasons people choose Oliver’s Funeral Home and Crematorium.


We have everything you might need. At Oliver’s, our experience with all facets of funeral services means we’re ready to handle every detail for you, with compassion and understanding.

We have been perfecting our services for over 100 years. Throughout our history, Oliver’s Funeral Home has been perfecting traditions. We have also been innovating to create new ways to improve and personalize the way families celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

We know every necessary step and we’ll help walk you through. It can be hard to focus on administrative and legal details when coping with the loss of a loved one. At Oliver’s we know exactly what is needed and can walk you through the process, gently and professionally.

Our facilities were thoughtfully designed, specifically for funerals. Our spaces are all beautifully designed, easily accessed and impeccably maintained. We are proud of our funeral home.

We own and operate our own crematorium. Having our own crematorium ensures that your loved one never leaves our care.

We work hard to ease the challenges of a difficult time. Our concierge service can help with a very wide variety of arrangements, from travel bookings for out-of-town guests to restaurant reservations.

We’re family-owned and operated. Our staff is very experienced and highly-trained. We take pride in working together as a family to help other families.

We are specialists in advance funeral planning. We offer families the option to guarantee services and merchandise against future cost increases with pre-funded funeral planning contracts. Please request a complimentary Advance Funeral Planning Kit by clicking here.

Every funeral is carefully custom-designed, there is no set formula. Whether you envision the most unique, creative service imaginable, a service guided by time-honoured traditions or anything in-between, we are here to help you create it. There is no wrong or right way to celebrate someone’s life. Learn about one of a kind funerals.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time.

Our family here at Oliver’s will be there to help and support your family every step of the way.

That is our promise to you.


Tracy McFee
General Manager
Licensed Funeral Director & Embalmer
15 years Experience



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    Did you know?

    Oliver's owns and operates their own crematorium in Greater Grande Prairie

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